The Cornwall Food Production Unit is using Hackman Metos kettles to transform hospital meal provision across the county.

kettlesShared by all five NHS Trusts in the region, the CFPU is situated in a 2,400 sqm facility at Barncoose and will provide economic and environmental benefits to Cornwall, as well as the highest quality patient meal service. Food miles will considerably reduce as much of the ingredients for around 3,000 meals daily will be locally sourced.

HRH Prince Charles endorsed the scheme, saying:
“This shows what can be achieved within the very real constraints of NHS budgets.”


Mike Pearson, Head of Hotel Services at Cornwall Healthcare and Support Services is Project Director. He explained the initiative provides a good, nutritional meal for all hospitals in the region and forges stronger links with local farmers.

“The CFPU has installed five Hackman-Metos cooking kettles including 200 and 300 litre models,” says Pearson. “This is, I believe, the largest single order in one go for Hackman-Metos in the UK!

“We had used Hackman-Metos kettles for 12 years in our old kitchen. They were very, very good and stood up to the rigours of a busy NHS kitchen. We chose them for that reason and because of their advanced technology. Hackman-Metos is, quite clearly the brand leader.

“The kettles could be producing over 50% of the menu. We can cook 500 portions of casserole or mashed potato in one go. Cornwall is still very much a traditional meal service so we are still roasting potatoes in the oven, for example.

“We chose kettles with jackets that can automatically chill food once cooked using mains water. The CFPU is state of the art and we have five of the best kettles you could purchase.

“The new kettles are so much more efficient; I am sure they are using far less energy than the older models, which were smaller.”

Equipment supplied and installed by GS Group, Paignton, Devon ceda