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Congratulations to Caterware for CEDA award winning Manchester City Varithek project

Congratulations to Caterware. Its refurbishment of Manchester City’s ‘Legends Lounge’ hospitality area has won the CEDA Grand Prix Award 2011, Profit Sector Large Project Award. More detail at www.ceda.co.uk

Rieber’s Varithek system was chosen by Caterware for its refurbishment because it solved a crucial ventilation issue in a public building.

Legends Lounge hosts a sumptuous running buffet for three hours before kick-off. The Club wanted a front of house cooking station for stir-fry’s and to cater for its vibrant conference business including breakfast meetings and functions on non match days.

However, explains Caterware Managing Director Mark Drazen, “A conventional extract system was a non-starter due to site layout restrictions and potential interference with the existing air conditioning systems. The self-ventilation system on Rieber’s Varithek solved the problem.”

Find out more about Caterware’s work for Manchester City at: www.caterware.co.uk

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