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Rational Production

Rational Production’s Unitray sets new standards of quality and ease of handling.

unitray imgUnitray provides the best combination of temperature control, ergonomics and health & safety.

Unitray trolleys distribute hot and cold food at the same time on a single tray. A central partition allows the two different environments to be separately controlled.

Although most often used on a 3-phase supply, Unitrays are so well insulated and efficient, they can also operate off a 13-amp supply.

Unitray can be heated and chilled prior to loading, then plugged in again to achieve optimal cabinet temperature before being taken to ward level.unitray17

Unitray features forced air circulation to ensure even heat and chill distribution. Designed for C/S (cook & serve), C/C (cook & chill) and C/F (cook & freeze) applications, the new Unitray is 25kg lighter than previous models and is also smaller and easier for staff to handle.

Read a case study here: http://www.bglrieber.co.uk/blog/2016/04/06/harrogate-chooses-unitray-plated-meal-delivery/

brochure_unitray_GB_Page_01Download and read the brochure here:




DSPRO SYSTEM features a perfectly integrated regeneration station and a solid, simple and light shuttle trolley.

DSPRO The DSPRO Docking Station and the PROSERV Shuttle simplify meal distribution on trays.  The DSPRO Docking Station is installed in a fixed position to run heating and cooling cycles.



PROSERVEThe PROSERV Shuttle allows food to be transported in a compact, lightweight, ergonomic and economical shuttle. It offers lightweight, manoeuvrable delivery without the need for on-board technology.



Connecting the two elements creates the DSPRO SYSTEM, the ideal solution for Cook&Serve, Cook&Chill and Cook&Freeze.

Download and read the brochures here: Pages from brochure_dspro_system_EN


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