stacks of thermoport food transportFood manufacturers want to distribute food as economically and efficiently as possible in line with statutory HACCP hygiene regulations.

Rieber Thermoport is a range of stainless steel and plastic products backed up by the most experienced staff in the UK.

Rieber Thermoports are well-known for their numerous design solutions which make food transportation light and safe. trolley thermoport for towing

All Rieber Thermoports can be combined and stacked with each other or fixed onto towing dollies or serving trollies. This allows manufacturers to organise their food delivery packages to meet varying requirements.

A wide choice of accessories include Rieber’s anti-spill lids, which will ensure all your food arrives at its destination, no matter how bumpy the road!

Ask us about anything mobile; if it has wheels and helps to transport and serve food, the chances are that we make it in several sizes!

More products which may be of interest include: –

    • Banqueting trolleys
    • Bains maries
    • Foodservice trolleys
    • General purpose trolleys
    • Rack trolleys
    • Specialist trolleys
    • Food transport trolleys
    • Bulk food transport
    • Plated meal trolleys
    • Tray trolleys
    • Regeneration trolleys
    • Dolly trolleys
    • Dispensing equipment including heated plate dispensers;
    • platform dispensers; tray dispensers and lowerators; Ultra-base dispensers; built-in dispensers; heated and insulated drink/liquid dispensers
    • Table-top bains maries, weld-in and built-in bains maries; cutlery and tray trolleys; cutlery boxes

See more on the Rieber: food transport page.