Marvel Pressure Steamers

Marvel Pressure Steamers

The new Metos Marvel range of high capacity pressure steamers are available in single E1 -­ 4 x 1/1 GN (65mm deep) and double chamber E2 ­- 8 x 1/1 GN versions. The Marvel operates up to a maximum of 120degC (1 bar pressure), reducing cooking times by up to 5 times faster than conventional cooking and twice as fast as a combi oven. Both models are compactly designed, giving the user high output in a minimal space.

Cooking in both chambers at once is a noticeable upgrade on the E2 8GN model. The heads up display offers simple touch screen control which can be customised to the user’s specific requirements.

A choice of 12 active alarms notify the chef of finished cooking stages and colour coded zones on the display give the user visual identification of pre-loading, cooking and de-pressurisation stages of the cooking process. The Marvel also has automated cleaning, maintenance reminders and treatment programmes to protect the heating elements (on the electric version).

Ask us about storing recipes within the control system for easy push-button access.

Brochure: Metos Marvel