Trace weighing conveyor

Helps to cut food waste

MEASURING food waste is the key to understanding how to minimize it.

‘Trace’ conveyor weighing machines automatically read and record QR codes and measure the weight of GN or other containers as they pass under the scanner. These are new to market so please contact BGL Rieber direct for more information.

Food in and food out can now automatically measured from the kitchen, helping managers understand where the waste is coming from.

Food left unserved, for example, when the patient meal food containers return to the hospital kitchen or CPU needs to be identified not only by food type ie., cottage pie, but also where it came back from i.e., hospital ward 10.



Rieber trace weighing conveyor; new technology to help caterers take control of food waste

QR codes

Food containers will need QR codes – and hospital caterers will need to become familiar with using them; and finding out about their benefits.

QR codes can be lasered onto stainless steel GN containers or retrofitted to existing ones with robust labels. Codes will become the new menu, further cutting physical contact, and feeding back through the kitchen to stock control.

QR codes and apps can track, and trace packaged food, plated meals and GN pans and lids helping to build a more complete picture of where the waste is coming from. In the ‘connected kitchens’ of the future, QR codes can also tell the oven or regeneration trolley how to re-heat or cook the product.

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