Nottingham Trent, IVAN HOPKINS  using Rieber Varithek to demomonstrate cooking“We had been looking for some time to find a piece of equipment that would work in a limited space and would be mobile; we wanted to move it around to provide the facility for noodle and crepe bars, for example,” says Nottingham Trent University Head Chef Ivan Hopkins.

“We also do a lot of demonstration work – healthy eating – and needed something that could move around campus.

“I think the Varithek Servocuccina is fantastic. Sometimes you order something that looks good but when it’s delivered it does not perform as well as you expected…and then it hardly gets used. With this product, we use it a lot, it performs well and cosmetically, it looks very good. I am looking to get more! Our students can now get different types of food served in various styles that they wouldn’t normally get.

“The extraction definitely works – cooking in the open causes no problems. It’s easy to clean; the filters just pop out and go in the dishwasher. Like all these things, you treat it well and it will look after you.”