Thermoport Canteen

The complete mobile canteen - for transport and serving

The Rieber Thermoport Canteen – transport and serving combined in one trolley.

With a capacity of 15-50 meals, it is the ideal solution for schools and hospitals, to serve food on the move, in classrooms, wards, outside – anywhere can become a mobile canteen!




Ideal Covid-secure serving solution - any time, any place, anywhere.

Many functions in one: transportation, serving, cooking, regeneration, keeping hot, meal presentation...

This mobile frontloader, can be moved flexibly to any serving situation and quickly configured as a complete serving canteen on site. The food in the interior of the trolley is safely transported and kept hot and can be served directly from the inserted GN containers via the removable lid on top and from the hinged GN mounting frames on the sides.

  • Available in three formats: neutral, heated and hybrid
  • Made of rustproof high-quality, hygienic stainless steel (interior & exterior)
  • Double-walled body, excellent insulation properties
  • Interior tightly welded with seamlessly deep-drawn support rails in the hygienic design H2
  • Foldable frames for insertion of GN pans for optimal meal presentation and serving or containers for additional storage space
  • Side holder for easy stowage of the lid during meal serving
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to removable door seal/heating element
  • Foldable sneeze guard at front (on request)

-NEW-Thermoport Canteen

Transport and serving combined in one trolley

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