Energy-saving, multifunctional

Thermoplates ensure consistency across the food chain. Rieber’s ‘Thermoplate’ is a new design of GN pan, made with outer layers of stainless steel for durability, but with central multi laminate layers of highly conductive aluminum, ideal for all forms of cooking and especially induction.

Thermoplates heat up 10 times faster than stainless steel pans and also spread the heat more evenly. Thermoplates also conduct cold temperatures more efficiently.


… and now Save around 10% energy with Thermoplates®eco GN pans

Perfect with GN lids

GN size made of conductive SWISS-PLY multilayer material

Thanks to the conductive SWISS-PLY multilayer material, the GN standard can be used in an energy-saving & multifunctional way – cooking, steaming, woks, grilling, frying, deep-frying, baking, storing, transporting, serving and keeping cool throughout the entire process – without having to transfer food.

With Thermoplates food can be prepared, cooked, chilled, stored and served using a single GN pan, also saving on the energy required throughout the process and also on dishwashing energy – as less pans need washing.

Thermoplates are also very good looking; the range includes smart stainless steel covers – great for front of house service.

Also available in Buffet Range format, with rounded corners.

Swiss Ply Technology

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