Meal Make-Up

The ZUB delivery trolley made of stainless steel

The robust stainless steel trolley with a controllable, electrically heated GN 1/1 heated well is used for the safe transport, distribution and serving of food in a GN system. The universal delivery trolley for the best food quality at distribution stations. Can be heated reliably wet and dry; dry heating provides significant energy savings and less cleaning of the wells is required.


BGL Rieber manufactures and supplies Meal Make-Up Conveyors and Dispensers.


Available in a variety of sizes

Why choose the ZUB trolley?

The meal make-up bain marie trolley is made of stainless steel with deep-drawn GN 1/1 heated wells on top, wet and dry heating, it is insulated on all sides, with a welded stainless steel shelf at the bottom – stainless steel castors, 2 swivel castors and 2 swivel castors with brakes.

It is a space-efficient configuration with GN containers and GN thermoplates® in combination with the transport-safe, watertight press-in lid. The functions can be customised to suit the requirements, with a gantry (lighting/heat), a hinged shelf on the long/face side, as well as a hinged work surface on the face side.

An additional usable work surface in the substructure also provides space for thermoport® 50 and 100 transport boxes for the immediate refilling of food in a GN system thanks to the stable shelf.

  • Rustproof, high-quality, hygienic stainless steel.
  • Rounded worktop, turned down all-round, protection against the ingress of dirt/water.
  • Deep-drawn heated well, seamlessly welded.
  • Insulated on all sides, low heat loss.
  • Mobile with robust, fixable castors and a pushing handle.
  • Corner bumpers for impact protection as well as a shockproof switching element.
  • Integrated drainage cock, quick and easy cleaning.


There are a variety of sizes and options available:

  • Zub 2 wells – with 2 deep-drawn GN 1/1 heated wells on top
  • Zub 3 wells – with 3 deep-drawn GN 1/1 heated wells on top
  • Zub 4 wells – with 4 deep-drawn GN 1/1 heated wells on top

Options also available for handles front-facing or on the long side and refrigerated options.


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