Specialist maker of stainless steel food preparation sinks and storage

Rieber is forging new boundaries in foodservice food preparation. It manufactures a huge range of GN pans and stainless steel food storage equipment, which work alongside its innovative range of GN compatible stainless steel sinks.

Rieber is the world’s largest maker of GN pans but the company is adding value and sustainability to its range, which is of keen interest to foodservice designers and consultants, as well as chefs and teaching staff.

Reusability and recycling now play the large part in Rieber’s thinking. Rieber is re-shaping kitchens by making its pans and containers suitable for multi-use, food delivery, retail and take-away, as well as cooking, prep and storage.

The design and use of preparation and food storage equipment has progressed with Rieber’s introduction of eatTAINABLE, sustainable multi-use containers for delivering and supplying food to the highest standards of hygiene.

Rieber Sinks can be welded into sink fabrications or conventionally mounted. Rieber uses the highest quality stainless steel and innovative, award-winning design to offer more than a conventional sink unit. Rieber sinks are designed to maximise preparation space in the commercial kitchen, training school or chef academy.

Practical, multi-functional sink that also doubles as a workstation

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