Front Cooking

Front or theatre cooking with Rieber Varithek

Cooking in front of customers raises awareness about the food offer, highlighting that food is being ‘cooked to order’ and communicating key messages such as the use of all fresh ingredients and healthy eating options.

Suited to healthcare, garden retail, contract catering, staff feeding, schools, universities, event catering


Placing front cooking in the front of the restaurant or servery brings energy to the offer; staff are out front interacting with customers, explaining and upselling the menu, making recommendations and suggesting ingredients for the finished dish.

Front cooking also takes pressure away from the main kitchen or servery by increasing the number of covers that can be served. From simple fried eggs and bacon, to desserts such as crepes and pancakes – or main courses such as pan-seared tuna served with rice, fresh chopped chilli, curry sauce and a garnish of fresh herbs – ‘front cooking’ or ‘theatre-style’ is all about improving communication with the customer.

Rieber provides several front cook solutions: Varithek, EST, K-Pot and Hybrid Kitchen.

Rieber’s Varithek ACS (Air Clean System) front cooking system comes in two and three module formats, with optional self-ventilation and also fire suppression.

Featuring integrated ventilation, there is usually no need for overhead canopies or other extraction. Amerex Fire Suppression is also now available for Rieber Varithek ACS.

Cooking modules:

  • Full surface and bullseye induction hobs
  • Induction wok cuvette
  • Griddle plates
  • Pasta boiler that also operates as a deep fat fryer

Varithek modules are also available to drop into worktops or serveries; ideal for retrofitting to update an existing counter or for new builds. Why limit serveries to only keeping food hot when they can double as hot cooking stations?

The EST modular system can be utilised to cook anything from fried eggs to noodles and stir fry’s (under conventional extraction). The EST system simply allows Varithek modules to be replace conventional hot holding plates, making it ideal for new counters or refurbishments.

The advantages of the Rieber EST:

  • Acts as a conventional food servery
  • For busy periods use it for the daily ‘special’ such as stir fry’s, burgers, pasta, noodles. Or to promote breakfast trade for example, use EST to cook fresh to order – eggs, bacon, omelettes etc.

K-POT transforms the service of food; it replaces traditional serveries and chafing dishes and introduces a new, sustainable approach to creating food serveries and counters. K-Pot can hold food hot (or cold) but can also cook and regenerate chilled or frozen meals, as well as griddle, boil or fry.

Hybrid Kitchen offers the versatility of a traditional cooking oven but is fully mobile. The oven is designed to reheat from frozen, chilled or ambient, making it ideally suitable for meals regeneration for schools, B&I, contract and event catering where a mobile solution is required.

The components combine Thermoport bulk food regeneration and delivery systems and hot and cold food boxes.

Finally, the Thermomat is a specially developed “cook and hold” oven that provides extra flexibility for front cooking stations.

Thermomat can hold pre-cooked slices of gammon, for example, while the Varithek ACS can provide the fried egg on top.

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