Multipolar Connect

The efficient & digital compartmentalised refrigerator for shared use without keys

For fresh, perfectly chilled food, snacks and beverages. Can be used in a wide range of applications, with an innovative and flexible opening system via an app.

For the individual and flexible storage of food without a classic key, but with a radio-controlled opening function via an app, for user-assigned compartments that can be managed centrally by an administrator.



The digital sharing refrigerator – for individual, flexible, hygienic & universal use

For flexible use, for example, in communal catering, catering, company canteens, hotels, student halls of residence, offices or also in staff kitchens.

Available in a design with 10 individual compartments with a perfect constant temperature thanks to the circulating air refrigeration. With a sturdy internal frame and removable GN container compartments (8 x GN 1/1, 2 x GN 2/3) for optimum hygiene and easy cleaning.

Using the associated Rieber CONNECT app, the multipolar ® CONNECT can be opened digitally and shared simultaneously by several people for efficient multiple use.

As soon as the multipolar ® CONNECT detects the logged-on app user with their assigned compartment nearby, the LED on the top panel lights up and a beep sounds. Once the main fridge door is opened, the compartment assigned to the user opens automatically and the dishes/food can be removed from the hygienic GN container compartment.

The 10 compartments can be easily assigned to the desired app user on the dashboard by the administrator/manager. App users can also be quickly added or removed.

Furthermore, only a fraction of the chilled air escapes when the small individual compartments are opened, thus saving considerable electricity and energy.

With stepless temperature regulation provided by an integrated room thermostat. Also with automatic defrosting and condensation water evaporation.

The multipolar® CONNECT can be retrofitted with a CHECK sensor at any time for seamless and automatic temperature documentation. CHECK CLOUD – your digital system for quality-relevant processes. Can be easily retrofitted flexibly and individually.

Multipolar Connect

Rieber Multipolar lockable, compartmentalised refrigeration, operated by and app. Perfect for hospitals, schools, universities, businesses, prisons... anywhere where food or medicines need to be kept secure.


Compartmentalized secure refrigeration

Multipolar lockable refrigerator

The unique Multipolar - safe and secure, shared refrigeration,
with lockable compartments.
Ideal for students, staff, patients, workers, all communal living areas and anywhere there is a requirement for personal shared
refrigerated storage.

24/7 Self-Catering | Rieber CONNECT

Our Rieber CONNECT self-catering solution, for freshly cooked food around the clock. Perfectly cooled in the multipolar® CONNECT, the sharing refrigerator with digital opening system, as well as precisely coordinated regeneration with our K|POT® CONNECT - everything is easy to use and controlled via the Rieber CONNECT app.

24/7 team meals

24/7 FOOD & SERVICES with our Rieber CONNECT pick up station | contactless | digital | reusable | easy & efficient.

24/7 single & team meals

24/7 FOOD & SERVICES with our Rieber CONNECT pick up station | contactless | digital | reusable | easy & efficient.

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