°CHECK Temperature Monitoring

°CHECK has the objective of entirely eliminating the conventional manual capturing of all HACCP-relevant data using paper and pen as well as their subsequent filing in folders.

Instead, °CHECK captures data digitally and forwards it to a database. This saves time and money and allows the person in charge to see what is happening right now in real time and to take the appropriate action if necessary. As a result, the customer is able to see where which food is at any given time, what temperature it is at and what the hygiene situation is.

Mobile and Auto °CHECK

In principle, the HACCP-relevant data is captured in two different ways – via Mobile-°CHECK and Auto-°CHECK. With Mobile-°CHECK, the customer captures the data himself using a smartphone, QR code and core temperature sensor. Auto-°CHECK, on the other hand, uses installed sensors, which send data to the database at predefined intervals.

Mobile Check

Initially, the customer scans a QR code with the smartphone. The code states the customer’s location. It also states whether hygiene data or temperature data are being captured.

If hygiene data is concerned the customer can enter the status (e.g. cleaned) or store a photograph. The respective temperature data is captured by a core temperature sensor (Blue-Therm probe), which forwards the data to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The smartphone sends the collected information to the database. This principle is also called the SMS principle, short for Scanning – Measuring – Sending.

Auto Check

Auto-°CHECK uses temperature sensors, which are installed in a piece of equipment or a room. These sensors measure the temperature at defined intervals (e.g. every 15 minutes) and send the information to a router, which forwards it to a database. This way, irregularities within heating chains or refrigeration chains can be detected and corrected if required.


°CHECK system allows for the capture of HACCP-data digitally and forwards it to a database, using a smartphone and temperature sensor or installed sensors

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