GN Lids

All sizes, all types for all situations

To accompany the Gastronorm Containers and to complete the operating system GN containers we have a perfect selection of lids for all size of pans:

  • vacuum seal lids
  • flat stacking lids
  • lids with handles
  • hinged lids
  • lids with cutouts
  • dispenser lids
  • and polycarbonate lids.

Vaculid Light from Rieber is a watertight press-in pan lid that seals a GN pan, making it non-spillable during transport. Recently awarded the internationally renowned Focus Open Silver design award in Germany, read more on how a vacuum of up to 40 percent can be created directly in a GN container, without a bag.


Our GN Operating System maximises efficiency, ease of use and makes the best use of space during cooking, transporting and storage.

Made from food grade stainless steel and available in many sizes, perfect for both transporting and serving food.

  • Simple, robust and hygienic.


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