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"Cooking is just a question of food and the adequate temperature" Entrepreneur Max Maier


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Connected Products

Riebers Connected Products a new, 24/7, sustainable way of catering for a new way of living.

NEW – Thermoplates®eco

Save around 10% energy with Thermoplates®eco GN pans Rieber is launching Thermoplates®eco, a range of general-purpose cooking pans from 1/3 GN to 1/1 GN, 65 mm and 100 mm tall, that it says will save caterers 10% energy.

Rieber’s Catering Circle

Complete spatial flexibility – as a circle, in a line, or a square…

Rieber has launched the Catering Circle "all-rounder" – a cooking system that adapts individually to design, layout and floorspace requirements.


Single-use plastic packaging saved so far with our digital GN container tracking system

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Our digitally organized reusable system eatTAINABLE is based on food-safe stainless steel Gastronorm containers, the established industry standard in various sizes and variants, whether for to go or delivery, in individual portions or in large containers.