GN Containers

The world standard

The robust GN container – ideal for the hygienic and standardised storage, holding, transportation and serving of food – in almost any size and depth, completely compatible with all GN systems and products.

The GN container takes on a function dependent on the process step through the combination with the GN lid range.

From highly functional options, such as the watertight press-in lid for completely safe storage and transport, the vaculid® lid for vacuum sealing through to the flat and press-in lid for hygienic protection.

Also available with recessed drop handles to enable easy and space-saving insertion, removal and carrying. The versions from a depth of 55 mm have a high, well shaped offset stacking shoulder, which enables tight stacking and easy unstacking and also defines the maximum filling height** so that the lid can be sealed neatly and securely on the container.

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