Thermoports for individual meals

Thermoports for individual meals

Carers, care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, secure facilities… all need to provide individual meals.

A tried and trusted solution is the Rieber Thermoport individual insulated food container.

These will keep a meal hot for several hours.

The meals are loaded into the box from a central kitchen or even from a remote kitchen and transported to where needed.

Proven reliable, safe and hygienic throughout Britain over decades of use, Rieber Thermoport individual meal boxes are used by meals on wheels providers, hospitals, care homes and prisons.

A tried and trusted solution, the Rieber Thermoport 10 is a reusable, dishwasher safe, individual insulated food transport box.

Thermoport 10 models store their heat in an integrated meal dish to ensure food stays hot. The dishes can be pre-heated in a special Rieber oven or in conventional ovens. As an alternative to the integrated meal dish, some users choose to insert pre-heated sealed foil containers, with a complete meal.

*   Keeps a meal hot for more than four hours.

*   Meals are loaded into the box from a central kitchen or even from a remote kitchen and transported to where needed.

Thermoport 10: Choose between 3-compartment or undivided meal tray, one or two additional side dish trays; for the service of cold or hot meals or the combination of cold and hot meals in one unit (10 KW)

  • External dimensions L / W / H 380 x 220 x 153 mm
  • Cut-out for 1 soup bowl in the lid
  • Plastic handle on the lid



Thermoport 21 features a special pellet to keep plated food reliably hot. This also needs pre-heating after which it radiates its heat evenly to decelerate the cooling process of the hot food.

Thermoport 21 allows for hot and cold items to be delivered together.

Ideal for transporting a meal with soup and 2 side dishes, food can be arranged in an appetising and sophisticated manner. A plated main meal, soup and roll, and dessert can be delivered and served at the correct temperature and at the same time.

  • Temperatures are maintained by separate insulated zones.
  • Made of food-safe plastic.
  • Fully dishwasher-safe up to +90 ° C.
  • L x W x H 454 x 364 x 111 mm.


In secure facilities, individual boxes are filled and sealed during the usual lunchtime or evening meal service and then can be delivered. No extra labour other than delivery is required and a hot meal is served to the usual standard.

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