Futura Bratt Pan

Ensure high frying efficiency, uniform heat distribution and fast heat recovery

Metos Futura bratt pan series offers a wide range of models for versatile, efficient and ergonomic frying in every kitchen. They ensure high frying efficiency, uniform heat distribution and fast heat recovery.

Metos Futura pans are quicker and more efficient than conventional bratt pans, especially when frying cold products. The temperature adjustment range is 0…250°C.

Metos Futura pans have strong electrical tilting as standard

Futura pans can be supplied with food water filling by a push button and are also available with manual tilting and ergonomic height adjustment 800-950 mm.

Metos Futura pans can be also be wall mounted. All outer surfaces of the Metos Futura bratt pans are made of stainless steel throughout.

The frying surface is 10 mm thick stainless chrome steel which stores heat extremely well. Uniform surfaces and compact construction make cleaning easy.

  • Metos Futura 85 and 110 pans can be either 90 or 180 mm deep which makes them very suitable for simmering and cooking of products.
  • Metos Futura 110 has two separately controlled frying zones. This feature makes it possible to fry two products requiring different frying temperatures at the same time. The other way to use the frying pan is to fry a product on one zone and use the other for temporary holding.

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