Innovators in meal make-up conveyors

Food plating, distribution and clearing belts are part of a professionally organised food distribution system.

Demands on these systems are high, as the handling of food requires maximum hygiene and reliability of the equipment – that’s why many choose Rieber products.  Food meal make up equipment is used throughout the world in healthcare, B&I, social care, prisons, education and the armed forces.


Food distribution conveyor options

Layout can be designed to accommodate bends and curves to maximise the use of

There is a bewildering choice of sizes and shapes to contend with, but BGL Rieber has years of experience helping caterers choose the right system for their needs.

Food distribution conveyors and clearing conveyors come in two different versions: as belt or circular belt conveyors – both are excellent at distributing food and clearing crockery.

  • Flat belt conveyors also clear individual items like plates and cups and feature a dirt stripper as standard.
  • Circular belt conveyors have an optional discharge trough for simple cleaning.

Both conveyors have automatic tray stacking with a sprung end switch on the tray dispenser and an integrated light barrier for automatic conveyor switch off.

Operating up to 12 metres with one motor and over 12 metres utilising a second motor, conveyors have stepless speed control from 2.5m/min – 10.5m/min.

Additional options for all conveyors include:

  • Open platform dispensers, used to hold trays ready for service
  • Swivel castors and parking brakes
  • Auxiliary sockets for dispensers and bains maries
  • Sliding tables, a low-cost alternative for small food distribution solutions


Featuring not two, but four belts, the new Quad Cord conveyor provides extra contact and improved guidance for trays, Gastronorm containers and can be used with individual plates.

With reduced noise levels and simplified cleaning, the conveyor is made from chrome-nickel steel and is easy to clean. What’s more, the Quad Cord has built-in redundancy, which means if you snap a cord you still have three left.

Don’t forget to ask us about:

  • Sensors that prevent crockery or trays falling off the end of the conveyor
  • Variable speed control and auto-reverse
  • Bumper protection and side protection strips to protect from damage
  • Fixed or mobile units
  • Going around the bend!


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