Metos Marvel TE1 Steamer

Cooks, defrosts and regenerates

Intelligent Metos Marvel TE1 pressure steamer is a fast and efficient tool for lunch and à la carte production in modern professional kitchens. It cooks, defrosts and regenerates all types of food products, including delicate items.

The speed and efficiency of the TE1 means you can prepare a meal just before serving it, thus ensuring its freshness. Gentle and healthy steam cooking retains the texture, nutrients and colour of the products.

Timing option 0-99 hours with 1 second precision

No preheating required

Additional portions made of various ingredients can be prepared quickly, as Metos Marvel TE1 needs no preheating.

Many dishes can be cooked simultaneously without the flavours transferring from one food to another. Its ease-of-use with built-in
programs improves the efficiency and competitiveness of every kitchen.

Exact cooking control with 1°C precision or a core temperature probe placed in the product speed up the process and prevent overcooking
(requires temp probe option).

  • Cooking temperature range is 40-120°C
  • Low-temperature cooking/thaw 40-80°C
  • Normal cooking 80-100°C
  • Express pressure cooking 100-120°C

Main menu offers two pre-set settings: 0.5 and 1 bar. Delta-T cooking allows you to define the temperature difference between the compartment and the inside of the product (requires temp probe option). Especially useful for cooking sensitive or hard foods.

Coloured, informative touch screen is large and easy to read. Core temperature (optional temp probe), compartment temperature and remaining cooking time are clearly displayed. Large, intuitive touch symbols make the steamer quick and effortless to use. Your own programs can be easily saved and selected. Memory space for up to 10,000 programs. Timing option 0-99 hours with 1 second precision. Favourites list for easier, faster use. Favourite programs are also available on the main screen menu.

Advanced safety equipment and monitoring technology make the cooker safe to use. Thanks to the advanced safety locking system, the door is quick to open and to close. The door cannot be opened if the compartment is under pressure or a program is running (can be discontinued, if necessary). The handle is ergonomic and insulated and it’s easy to use with one hand.

  • Completely stainless steel, chamber of acid resistant steel
  • Light, rounded stainless steel removable guide rail rack with 6 rail pairs, machine washable
  • Capacity 4 x GN1/1-65 mm (guide distance 103 mm) or 3 x GN1/1-100 mm (guide distance 128 mm)
  • Top loading height with GN rail stand is 1280 mm
  • Top loading height with Duo or Universal stand is 1490mm
  • Free standing
  • Multi language
  • Large and clear touch screen
  • Quick favourite program list
  • Pre-set buttons for 0.5 and 1 bar
  • Cooking with core temperature probe (option)
  • Delta-T cooking (when probe option is installed)
  • Several alarms to choose to indicate completed cooking
  • Sounds can also be set product-specifically
  • Adjustable volume level and length
  • On board user guide/manual
  • Display power save mode and screen lock
  • Front mounted, integrated USB port for downloading program and updates
  • USB also for saving HACCP data
  • Door safety locking system
  • Automatic alerts for controlled safety device testing
  • Diagnostic function
  • Easy maintenance from front or top
  • Automated safety valve testing
  • Automated boiler rinsing program
  • Extra di-scaling valve (service only)

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