Cubic sinks

The multilevel sink providing a flexible working area

Cubic is Rieber’s GN-sized multilevel sink providing a flexible working area (chop, wash and rinse in one space) reducing the need for tabling and ideal for tight spaces found in sandwich bars, servery areas and finishing kitchens.

Cubic allows the operator to work on up to three levels. A chopping board fits on top, as an example. A second level in the main bowl enables the user to work with several GN trays at once. A two-thirds GN size tray fits on the top level and, by turning 90 degrees, it can also be used on the lower. Cubic fits a standard 600mm base. Options include perforated and conventional GN pans.


Smart thinking from Rieber - multilevel, flexible working

Saves space and speeds up kitchen prep

Maximises space; effectively 3 sinks in one; looks very smart and is ideal for prestige or budget projects where space is at a premium! The footprint is so small, it saves crucial space for the user and maximises productivity.

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