Proveno Combi Kettles

Proveno Combi Kettles

Proveno Combi Kettles: The Proveno Combi Kettle cooks, mixes and cools almost any kind of food. You can prepare up to 70% of all items in your menu with Proveno combi-kettle. The assortment comprises eight models to choose from in both electric and direct steam, according to your needs. A range of options and accessories allows you to enhance the combi kettle of your choice.

Ask us about the training and product support provided by BGL Rieber and about our recipes for kettle-made stews, casseroles, sauces, desserts, soups, curries, mashed potato and vegetable dishes, rice puddings, custards…

Key features include: –

  • Integrated mixer
  • Stepless mixing speeds
  • Elevated control pillar with touch panel screen
  • Audio visual signals for user
  • On scren programming
  • Unlimited program phases and ‘Favourite’ pages
  • Programs for basic foods and wash programs
  • ProTemp real time temperature control
  • Delta T cooking
  • User privildge levels
  • Auto water filling
  • Tilting while mixing function
  • HACCP data saving
  • Diagnostics for maintenance
  • Energy and water consumption meassuring
  • Option of Integrated Cooling Solutions
  • BROCHURE: Metos Proveno 3G
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