Connected Products

Sustainable catering for the future 24/7

Catering in a new way

The complete system for meal transport, storage, refrigeration & regeneration from Rieber.

Ensure your food is kept at the correct temperatures, be that hot or cold with our range of connected products – K-Pot, Multipolar and eatTAINABLE.

Products include:

  • K-Pot electric hob and food warmer with Rieber CONNECT app
  • Multipolar Gastronorm sized refrigerator with Rieber CONNECT app
  • Rieber eatAINABLE re-usable and traceable food storage containers
  • Rieber eatAINABLE food vending machines with Rieber CONNECT app
  • Thermoplate GN containers and Non-Spill Lids

Stay Connected - Stay Safe


  • Anytime self-service anywhere people need feeding away from the kitchen
  • For groups or individuals in the workplace, event catering, directors boxes, education, healthcare, police, emergency and custodial services, armed forces, travel and transport
  • Using prepared meals, fresh, chilled or frozen – single portion meals to three full courses including salad
  • Easy uncomplicated system, using temp-controlled, trackable storage, with Rieber CONNECT app
  • Reheat or regenerate using smartphone and automated cook-programme, via Rieber K-Pot with CONNECT app, or connected microwave
  • Track activation, usage and return of food containers via CONNECT app
  • Links to POS systems


Sustainable modernisation for self-service food using re-usable containers

Cater anywhere and track self-service food online!

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