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Warewashing solutions

Nordien-System is a leading supplier of dishwash handling systems for professional kitchens. Its products help ensure that the dishwash area works efficiently and economically, reducing breakages and handling within a better working environment.

Nordien dish baskets are made especially for crockery, cutlery and glassware.

Nordien-System warewashing solutions

Heightened wash baskets protect tall glassware: Nordien provides Compartmented Heightening Frames in various colours, to protect taller glassware and make it easily identifiable when in storage.

Nordien 500 x 500 baskets are suitable for all types of dishwashing machine and feature:

  • Smooth sides – no water residue
  • Diagonal handles – better balance and better grip
  • Wide mesh – for better washing results
  • Stackable – for safe transportation and storage
  • Double wall construction – for strength and stability

Nordien 460 wash baskets: The innovative 460 range of wash baskets are designed for ergonomic handling, as well as excellent washing results. Because dishwash baskets spend more time out of the dishwasher than in, the 460 mm range features round corners and soft edges so serving staff can comfortably carry the basket on their arm, at the same time putting glasses on the tables.

Colour coding options and relatively low sides enable easy identification and give a increased storage capacity as the distance in height between the baskets can be reduced to a minimum and still give easy access. Lower sides also reduce movement, helping to reduce breakages. When the 460 mm basket goes through the dishwashing machine it is placed in an open dish-washing basket (500 mm).

Dishroom Furniture: Nordien produces a range of ancillary products to improve handling in the dishwash area.

Ask us about Nordien handling systems and accessories such as: –

  • Sorting tables
  • Storage racks
  • Prewash tables
  • Prewash showers
  • Drying lines
  • Turn tracks
  • Roller tables
  • Trolleys

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