Combi Kettles

BGL Rieber supplies, installs and maintains Metos combi kettles for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, CPUs, prisons and food producers throughout the UK.

With capacities ranging from just 40 litres to 400 there is a Metos Combi Kettle to suit every kitchen. Combi-kettles are highly productive, safer to use than ranges or manual pans, flexible enough to suit any menu and combi-kettles are also the most energy efficient way to produce large quantities of food.

A key factor in caterers choosing Metos is the labour-saving self-stirring, mixing, and blending capabilities, producing consistent results.

No burning is guaranteed. Kettles are very suited to cook-chill and cook-freeze, and accessories include aids for the safe loading of ingredients, decanting and portion control.

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