Serving & Distribution

Rieber food serving and distribution equipment is used throughout the world

Rieber banquet trolleys are worldwide market leaders, offering exceptional build quality combined with a host of added-value features.

Stainless steel bulk food delivery carts are available heated or refrigerated. With accessories (lighting, top-shelf heating, fold-down shelf) the cart becomes a small serving station.

Rieber offers intelligent food regeneration trolleys with optional active hot or cold food storage.


Rieber offers a comprehensive range of serving distribution solutions

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Tray trolleys include Combitrays and Thermotrays for passive hot or cold holding; or tray systems for induction or heated air for active hot or cold holding.

Varithekbuffet has self-ventilation, cooking, holding and serving options. The  system can build into virtually any size or shape, with optional mobility. Self-ventilation means it can be used without a traditional overhead canopy.

Mobile units: These little kitchen helpers include

  • Rack Trolleys available in various sizes
  • Transport Trolleys are renowned for their durability
  • Cutlery and Tray Trolleys
  • Dispensers for plates, bowls, crockery, cutlery and porcelain
  • Rolli Trolleys are perfect for storing and moving boxes

Meal Make-up Conveyors: Food distribution conveyors and clearing belt conveyors from Rieber include the latest ‘quad’ four belt model.

Thermotrays: Ideal for serving meals in a care home, hospital or prison. Can keep meals hot for up to 30 minutes.

Individual meal trays: Rieber’s individual stainless steel meal tray.

Ultra Heat Store Base System Designed to present fresh cooked plated meals from the kitchen, Rieber’s Ultra Heat Store Base system will keep a meal hot without scorching.

Trace conveyor means the operator can keep track of smart-labelled GN containers and weigh them in or out!

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