Rieber’s Catering Circle

Rieber’s Catering Circle

Complete spatial flexibility – as a circle, in a line, or a square…

Winner of the Product Excellence Awards 2019 – Prime Cooking

Rieber has launched the Catering Circle “all-rounder” – a cooking system that adapts individually to design, layout and floorspace requirements.

Square layout can change into round, but also triangle, oblongs, rectangles; any shape you need.

Rieber’s Catering Circle combines a multipurpose steel container with hot cooking and refrigerated systems.

Cook with either a GN 1/1 full surface induction or Ceran hob. AirClean self-ventilation,  providing downdraft extraction with an active carbon odour filter is available, with sneeze screen, so caterers can cook in public spaces while capturing smoke and fumes.

Options include a round refrigerated well, hot lights for display, a sink and slots for 1/1 or 3 x 1/3 GN containers. Bridge connections provide prep or display surfaces.

Hot and cold storage is available via Rieber’s Thermoport insulated food transport boxes.

“This new form of mobile cooking system takes the oil drum BBQ concept and adds the hygiene and traceability elements which bring it fully into the 21st Century,” says BGL Rieber MD Gareth Newton.

“The design options are virtually limitless and for front cooking applications especially, the Rieber Catering Circle will really make a statement for the caterer, highlighting that they are different and more creative than others!”

Induction hobs can hold food hot ready for serving, or they can be used to cook food to order.

Units link together to form a service straight line… or circle, or rectangle; how’s about that for efficient use of space?

Induction woks and griddles – particularly induction with self-ventilation –  allow chefs to cook in public spaces or areas previously thought unsuitable for cooking, such as a corner with a low ceiling.

You can connect multiple catering circle units quickly and easily with the special connecting elements. This creates a lifestyle catering kitchen with all the features you need to guarantee optimum food quality within no time at all. Connect the units individually for any area of application.

And for those squares amongst us, never lose sight of the Rieber mobile kitchen range, including the ACS Varithek and K-Pot.

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