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Front cooking and food transportation specialist for UK universities

BGL Rieber has extensive experience of supplying everything from front cooking stations, large cooking kettles, to food transport systems and front of house serveries utilising our K-Pot electric chafing dish.

All our equipment is fully supported with training and technical support.

Ask us about the latest developments in front cooking technology and hot and cold food display utilising the innovative K-Pot electric chafing dish.


“M&E is one of our biggest costs and the self-ventilating front cooking units do away with the need for additional ventilation,” reports the Executive Chef, University of Birmingham. “There is no need for an overhead canopy so the units can be moved anywhere we need, for example, to cater for small dinner parties – the University has a very busy programme of events.”

K-pots will present hot or cold food in virtually any location. They provide tempting displays for functions; cold variants do not need power, while hot models use 13-amp sockets to provide everything a hot food servery does and more. The K-pot range is great for ‘self-service’ and will also cook bacon & eggs and stir fries and hold hot mulled wine or soup. (View our Focus on the K-Pot Range Newsletter)

Ask us about:-

Bulk cooking with versatile combi kettles, which is becoming a norm for many university and college kitchens.

Thermoports have also received a make-over, with the introduction of heated Thermoport models proving especially popular. (View our Focus on Food Transport – Thermoport Newsletter)

Multipolar compartmental secure communal refrigeration with between 4 and 16 individual lockable compartments, ideal for student and staff communal living areas. (View our Focus on Multipolar Lockable Refrigeration Newsletter)


ACS Varithek truly mobile front of house cooking suite

The ACS Varithek can easily be moved almost anywhere, then cook and move again.


An amazing product, the K-Pot transforms the service of food; it replaces traditional serveries and chafing dishes and introduces a new, sustainable approach to creating food serveries and counters.

K-Pot Mobile cook and serve in style

The Rieber ACS Varithek WOK and K-Pot combination is perfect for you to cook and serve away from the kitchen.

See more here https://www.bglrieber.co.uk/

Metos – Mashed Potato in a Metos Kettle

Moffat Proveno - Mashed Potato

A unique mobile food transport, preparation and serving system

Rieber's catering kitchen - a unique way of transporting, preparing and serving food - truly mobile.

Modular, plug and play cooking. Grill, roast, steam, simmer, cook, regenerate, present... ENJOY!

K Pot

K-POT electric chafing dish, new version, replaces hot food serveries. Fully mobile, K-Pot can regenerate chilled or frozen meals, as well as griddle, boil or fry, as well as hold hot food beautifully for service. Cold holding variants are also available.

Metos – Strawberry Jam made in bulk with a Metos Proveno

The easy of making strawberry jam with a Metos Proveno kettle

Metos – Proveno Pastry Cream

Making Pastry Cream in your Proveno Kettle

ACS Varithek front cooking

See the magic of the ACS Varithek front cooking self-ventilation system... no more cooking smells!

ACS d3

A mobile ‘theatre front cooking station’ featuring three Varithek cooking modules, multifunctional ovens and the ‘Aircleansystem'

Varithek Rieber

The most flexible way of cooking. Modules for every menu.


Thermoport, the very best in food transport. Keeps food a tasty as when it was originally cooked, hot or cold.

Metos Manufacturing Sauce Bolognaise

Making Bolognaise Sauce in a Metos Kettle

Metos Scrambled Eggs in a Combi Kettle

Making Scrambled Eggs in a Combi Kettle


Compartmentalized secure refrigeration

Metos – Viking Combi 4G Washing

Metos Proveno Combi Kettle

Proveno Trailer

Hybrid Kitchen

Regenerating, cooking, core temperature simmering, steaming, cooking with dual chamber temperatures, cold holding and hot holding at the same time. Hygienic design H2. Functional door, can be removed for easy cleaning.

Varithek Airclean

Varithek Airclean, cook anywhere, no odours

Multipolar lockable refrigerator

The unique Multipolar - safe and secure, shared refrigeration,
with lockable compartments.
Ideal for students, staff, patients, workers, all communal living areas and anywhere there is a requirement for personal shared
refrigerated storage.


°CHECK system allows for the capture of HACCP-data digitally and forwards it to a database, using a smartphone and temperature sensor or installed sensors

Cooking on ACS Varithek with Chef Gary Foakes

Watch Chef Gary Foakes cook Trio of lamb, textures of cauliflower, burnt leek, pistachio dukkah, lamb jus on his front of house ACS Varithek cooker... a truly mobile cooking solution.

Metos School Meals System

Finland was the first country in the world to offer free school meals to students, for the duration of their entire education. Pre-School to University.
School meals service can be transformed with the use of Metos cooking kettles, which can form the heart of the modern school kitchen.

This video shows how the kettles save space and labour while helping to provide nutritious and tasty school food in Finland for 1000 children. Three staff take 3 hours to prepare 1000 meals.

Metos provides School Meals Concepts and Kitchen equipment throughout various markets in Europe.


Navioven, the table-top multifunctional oven with different programmes for baking, cooking, braising, regenerating - operation, maintenance and care

24/7 Self-Catering | Rieber CONNECT

Our Rieber CONNECT self-catering solution, for freshly cooked food around the clock. Perfectly cooled in the multipolar® CONNECT, the sharing refrigerator with digital opening system, as well as precisely coordinated regeneration with our K|POT® CONNECT - everything is easy to use and controlled via the Rieber CONNECT app.

24/7 team meals

24/7 FOOD & SERVICES with our Rieber CONNECT pick up station | contactless | digital | reusable | easy & efficient.

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