Bratt Pans

Metos manufactures three types of large bratt pan.

Metos Futura HD bratt pans offer multi-mode cooking, a 250°C frying surface and up to 41.4 k/W power!

Designed for maximum economy as well as ease of use, the new Futura HD models feature a double walled, insulated, counter balanced lid with built in water tap and motorized tilting to 90°.

Pans have capacities of 100, 150 and 200L and operate in cooking mode and roasting mode – new models feature two frying zones, which can achieve up to 250°C.

Temperature of the pan base can be set between 50°C and 250°C to suit stewing, boiling, simmering and frying. GN containers can be used with optional suspension frames or directly on the bottom.

A raised control panel offers simple, clear to read dials and is fixed at eye level above the control pillar.

An aluminium core around the heating elements ensures extremely fast heating and fast heat recovery.

Metos Futura bratt pan series offers a range of models for versatile, efficient and ergonomic frying in every kitchen. Metos Futura bratt pans ensure high frying efficiency, uniform heat distribution and fast heat recovery and are quicker and more efficient than conventional bratt pans, especially when frying cold products.

The temperature adjusment range is 0…250°C.

Models include: 60, 85 and 110L capacities

Metos Prince bratt pans are permanently fixed to the floor. All Metos Prince models are fitted with electrical tilting. The pans are heated in a few minutes (+200°C). The temperature is uniform throughout the whole pan area. Thermostat controlled temperature 0…250°C.

Available in 60 and 85L capacities.

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