Hybrid Kitchen

Prime cooking, regeneration, hot holding, baking - all using just one 13-amp socket

Hybrid kitchen® is more than just a mobile oven on wheels.

It is a highly efficient conventional oven up to 200 degC but is designed to work from a 13 amp socket. It is also a regeneration oven, slow cooker, baking oven, holds food hot and comes with a core temperature probe.


Rieber hybrid kitchen

It can be configured in different ways to provide flexible serving solutions to suit the caterer. For example, it can be fitted with an insulated food transport box on top. It can also hold plated meals or GN containers and is easy to wheel around to its final destination.

Compact by design, the hybrid kitchen adapts as your needs change from day to day. No matter if you are temporarily storing or transporting dishes, reheating or regenerating, simmering or chilling – you can always count on top quality.

The cooking programs are adjustable with the desired chamber or core temperature, with an integrated core temperature sensor. For perfect preparation without food drying out, using controllable moistening. In addition, a refrigeration function through the pure circulating air program and with the insertion of GN 1/1 cooling pellets. The hybrid program combines this refrigeration function in the top section, with a simultaneous function to keep food hot, including moistening, in the bottom section. Both sections are thermally separated through the insertion of the insulated divider. This means that two zones for keeping food hot/cooking with different temperatures can also be separated with the 2-chamber program, with a moistening function in the bottom section. All programs can also be saved, thus allowing for perfect food quality at any time.


Hybrid Kitchen

Regenerating, cooking, core temperature simmering, steaming, cooking with dual chamber temperatures, cold holding and hot holding at the same time. Hygienic design H2. Functional door, can be removed for easy cleaning.

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