Maximises space in the kitchen

Gastropolar is totally dedicated to the storage of gastronorm containers. Its fully-adjustable shelf system organises all shapes and sizes of gastronorm trays – including GN 1/1, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, and 2/8 – to provide more usable space than conventional fridges.

It can store up to 250 covers of all kinds of food at the same time if the trays are lidded.

As Gastropolar is not a blast chiller, the trays should be pre-cooled before they are loaded.

Shelving system integrated into side walls provides flexible storage for GN containers

GN refrigerator

Features include a powder-coated, galvanised sheet steel cabinet; an energy-saving, powerful cold compressor that produces little noise or vibration; automatic defrost; and water evaporation.

Gross volume 583 litres

Temperature range -2 °C / +15 °C (up to + 38 °C max.
ambient temperature)

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