Varithekbuffet Airclean

Varithekbuffet builds on the strengths of the self-ventilating Varithek ACS to offer diners a special culinary experience.

Cooking, serving and holding elements can be combined to make a unique back of house cooking station with its own self-ventilation, eliminating much of the M&E costs usually associated with installing a conventional cook line.

  • Ideal for applications where you want to cook but have no extraction facilities or where a traditional kitchen set up is not practical.
  • Varithekbuffet can be mobile or fixed, making it ideal for small diet kitchens, directors dining and satellite kitchens where fresh food is required.

Varithekbuffet can be mobile or fixed

Cooking Module

The cooking module forms the centre of the Varithekbuffet. Two Ceran hobs in GN format are flush-mounted into the stainless steel workshop. Alternatively, the cooking module can also be equipped with induction hobs. Cooking can be performed directly in special GN-compatible cookware (Rieber thermoplates®) placed on top of two full-surface hobs. The circulating air extraction system airclean3d® with lighting is integrated into the module. The greasy air is suctioned off to the rear. The grease is removed from the air in the centrifugal filter and collected separately in special trays. An activated carbon filter mat or, depending on the model, a zeolite filter in the substructure absorbs the remaining odours.

Holding Module

The holding module is a further core element in the varithekbuffet system. There are three system modules for holding GN 1/1 and varithek® insert elements integrated into the stainless steel worktop. These can be fitted with varithek® Ceran hobs. The prepared food in GN containers and thermoplates® in various formats can be placed on these hobs and kept warm. The holding module is also available with a bain-marie. There is a Rieber thermomat® in the substructure for larger quantities of food which can also be equipped with GN containers. The light bridge facing the guest is fully glazed to allow a clear view of the fresh food. The light bridge also serves as a germ guard and food serving element.


Refrigerated modules are also available.

Cook chicken sate on your Rieber ACS Varithek front of house cooking system

The Rieber ACS Varithek front of house cooking system allows you to cook in front of your customers, virtually wherever you like. Watch how easy it is to cook chicken sate, and think how your diners would love it.

You can download the recipe card here

ACS Varithek front cooking suite – easy to dismantle and clean

A quick look at how to easily dismantle and clean this truly mobile and flexible cooking suite.

Find out more about the ACS Varithek front cooking suite here,

Varithek Airclean

Varithek Airclean, cook anywhere, no odours

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