Rieber is a partner of the Consortium German Pavilion EXPO 2015 in Milan – German Pavilion “Fields of Ideas”

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” – This is the theme of the EXPO 2015 in Milan. The German Pavilion is fully aligned to this guiding theme. It offers visitors an opportunity to experience the importance of treating nature with respect in order to ensure our food for the future. Under the “Fields of Ideas” theme, Germany presents itself as a vital and fertile “landscape” of ideas.

Rieber is fully aware of the challenges, which the global food industry is facing, and the company has a solution with regard to the next steps: The Rieber °CHECK digitalisation and organisational system in combination with a QR code is able to deliver a smart and interconnected GASTRONORM communication. In this way, it is guaranteed that all of the information with regard to food, equipment and consumers is always available and the food flow is digitally organised.

The international exhibition will be open to visitors for six months from
1/5/2015 to 31/10/2015. Read more here Expo 2015

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