Thermoport bulk food distribution trolleys for Tayside NHS

Tayside NHS has been carrying out a major upgrade of kitchen and food distribution facilities and BGL Rieber worked with Mark Scholes, Head of Support Services and Head of Catering, on the supply and installation of a number of Rieber products including the latest in Thermoport bulk food distribution trolleys. image

Equipped with bumpers as standard, a heavy-duty version of the new Thermoport trolley is also available with top and bottom mounted bumpers and larger casters.

But Tayside required ‘ultra’ heavy duty protection and Rieber manufactured a bespoke Thermoport trolley, strengthening the entire unit, adding stainless steel welded handles, reinforced bases and larger bumpers.

Here is what Mark Scholes had to say: –

“Rieber has been known to the NHS for a number of years, chiefly for their meal distribution and transportation systems. They are noted as a company which provides quality manufacturing of product and fabrication. They are also an OGC supplier which offers the advantage of pre-negotiated prices.

“We have used Rieber equipment extensively in NHS Tayside including the Thermoport food distribution equipment, with which we have remodelled our service arrangements.

“Hackman-Metos (direct steam) kettles have also been installed in two major kitchen projects – replacing boiling pans – and we have also installed a Hackman-Metos high pressure steamer. The kettles especially are a very advanced product and they were all chosen because of the quality of the actual build and for their innovation.

“The service from BGL Rieber is second to none. There is no question as to their delivery, especially in relation to Steve Scragg (Government Accounts Manager).

“When you deal direct with Rieber, the response is fast and I have had answers to my questions within minutes of putting the phone down.

“Rieber is also excellent at making sure the installation of their equipment is right and that the staff are trained correctly. They also come back to see us regularly and don’t just disappear once they have taken an order. Rieber work with you!”

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