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“Bay by bay, box by box; the last meal reaches the patient at the same temperature the first meal was served.”

Medirest’s Catering Manager at Watford General Hospital is impressed with the temperature holding capability of Thermoport boxes.

Delivering Medirest’s Steamplicity meals service based on chilled meals cooked fresh for the patient at ward level, the hospital is using Thermoport 1000 food transport containers holding six meals each. The manager explains that this format is ideal for six-patient bays, “Because the containers hold temperature so consistently, food is delivered at ward level at the right temperature for cooking; if this were not the case there is a danger of overcooking the food. We are providing meals at the right temperature, with excellent presentation and taste.

watford-2“If there is a delay on the ward, the boxes will hold a steady temperature until the food is served.

“Everything is labelled clearly, so the person taking the meal to the patient knows exactly which meal is for which bed; from a nursing point of view, everything is sorted.

“I know that all the patients in a particular bay are eating at the same time and because of that satisfaction ratings are very high.”

The Thermoport 1000 has a capacity of 52 litres using GN containers. A bright and colourful, easy to read label is added to each box, detailing the ward name and the bed number for each of the six trays inside. Rieber’s smaller Thermoport 10 insulated food containers are used to hold ice cream and frozen items for delivery.

“I can’t fault the service from Rieber. Regional Sales Manager Paul Franks and I work very closely. I can call Paul anytime – we don’t get any major issues – but if anything needs looking at, like a wobbly wheel for example, he is at your assistance as soon as you call. Basically, it is always good feedback.

watford-3“I am very happy with Rieber for this reason, HACCP is respected, temperature control is respected and we can deliver all that is required for food safety.”

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