Communicate key messages to children

BRYANSTAN--2-1200By utilising theatre cooking children can be drawn into the food offer and even persuaded to try healthy eating!

Chris Gallagher Catering Manager/Head Chef Corpus Christi Catholic Sports and Technology College, Preston:-

“We used BGL Rieber’s twin-module Varithek front cooking system in two ways; for stir-frys and cooking kebabs in the main refectory and for a lesson on ‘wellbeing’. This included a talk about healthy eating, the whole food plate etc., and we stir fried vegetables, chicken and sauces to a full class so they could see for themselves what we were talking about.

“I made a stir-fry as a demonstration and then the pupils themselves had a go at cooking the same dish. One girl said to me, she had never eaten vegetables before and several of the others definitely would have not tried the vegetables if they hadn’t had the experience we provided!

“Stir-frying mushrooms, peppers…they loved it and more importantly, they loved how the food tasted. That was no ordinary lesson!”

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