With energy prices and the general cost of living going up astronomically, are schools ready to help with ensuring children in need have a hot meal inside them this winter?

It is a given that children need a daily hot meal, not just to thrive, but to survive. It is also becoming clearer that during this hard time, many children are in danger of going without.

We have produced a free to download leaflet to help schools ensure that cooked food can be held at the right  temperature to give kids a good hot meal when they need it.

The leaflet – available HERE– also covers the latest innovations for regenerating and transporting meals and how to cook food in locations not currently used for that purpose, such as sports halls converted to homework clubs or for sporting after school activities.

Says BGL Rieber MD Gareth Newton:
“We can help with the logistics of getting a fresh, hot, and tasty meal to the child.

“It does not have to be difficult or out of reach with regards to budget and could make a massive difference to the children who are in danger of going without.

“Mobile transport, cooking and regeneration equipment takes advantage of lightweight and ergonomic modern manufacturing techniques so school caterers can add capacity at minimal extra cost and take a kitchen or servery to where it is needed.”

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