Care Homes

Good food served safely, while nice and hot and at the correct time is key to a successful meals service for care home caterers.

BGL Rieber has been specialising in healthcare and care home catering for decades and the company has a solid reputation for considerate service and quality, reliable products. We are also a major supplier of food transport equipment to Meals on Wheels providers across the UK.

We take a ‘longer term’ view of customer relations and have considerable pride in providing the highest levels of customer service to ensure you are achieving maximum hygiene, best performance and value for money with our products over the long term.

We value your feedback and we will be pro-active in presenting ideas, creative solutions and new products that can improve the quality or delivery of your service.

Key to our product portfolio is a range of products manufactured in Germany by Rieber.

NOTE: TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Rieber products are renowned for their temperature stability and have been designed for environments, such as care homes, to ensure client safety.

Latest innovations include Thermoport individual meal transport boxes which are ideal for special meals and diets.

Rieber Norm bulk food trolleys and RegioStation regen trolleys provide bulk cook/serve and cook/chill options.

K-Pot is the ideal solution for servery counters or family service, ensuring maximum and accurate temperature retention while enhancing the presentation quality.

BGL Rieber has a national team of highly experienced sales advisors who can call to discuss your requirements and arrange site visits to see Rieber equipment in operation. We have a solution for every application — ask us for details.

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