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Front Cooking

BGL Rieber - Experts in front cooking, food transport & serving and food service innovation

  • Rieber

    Rieber is the leading provider of commercial and industrial kitchen solutions for professional caterers.
  • Front Cooking

    Innovative solutions for theatre style cooking with built in ventilation and filtration.
  • Food Transport

    Food transportation products backed up by the most experienced staff in the UK.
  • Serving and Distribution

    Bulk food, tray and banquet trolleys, regeneration trolleys and meal make up systems.
  • Innovation

    Thermoplates, Multipolar and K-Pot - brilliant but practical new advances in cookware, refrigeration and hot or cold food service.
  • Check

    Digital capture of HACCP-relevant data helps you to optimise energy
  • Metos

    Robust, technically sophisticated bulk cooking kettles.
  • Metos-Marine

    Marine specification products for vessels and offshore.
  • Nordien

    Warewashing infrastructure for all dishwashing and handling needs
  • Rational Production

    Individual tray meal trolly and docking station for plated cook serve and cook chill

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