York Marriott chooses Varithek to boost customer interaction

Rieber’s Varithek self-ventilating cooking unit was chosen to grace the new foodservice facilities at the York Marriott Hotel, designed and installed by Vision Commercial Kitchens

“Varithek offered flexibility,” said Chris Rouine, Business Development Director for Vision. “It can be moved as required, to provide extra space for additional seating, without the intrusion of a large ventilation canopy overhead. But most importantly the Varithek unit brings theatre to the restaurant and promotes interaction between the staff and customers.”

The Varithek unit installed features Rieber’s unique integrated ventilation (varithek® aircleansystem) – which means these units can be wheeled into use anywhere without the needed for permanent overhead extraction! Grease and odours are sucked away from the chef and customers because Varithek is fitted with the integrated ‘push and pull’ fume extraction system.

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