Five Multipolar refrigerators, or 72 ‘mini’ fridges…for Great Ormond Street

how multipolar communal fridges are helping hospitals and care facilities

GOSH is using two x 12 compartment and three x 16 compartment Rieber Multipolar refrigerators, providing 72 secure mini fridges in total.

They are being used in communal areas; each compartment has its own key and is suitable for storage of both medication and foods.

Rieber’s Multipolar undercounter and cabinet refrigerators feature from four to 16 lockable compartments. Read more in the newsletter, RIGHT.

“When it comes to refrigeration, everyone else talks about maximizing capacity or boosting environmental credentials,” says BGL Rieber MD Gareth Newton. “We talk about offering refrigeration for the individual and improving choice while maintaining personal security.”

Each compartment in the Multipolar has its own key, with a master key retained by the relevant manager.

Uses for these type of refrigeration units include storage of specialized medicines requiring temperature control; refrigeration storage for parents visiting their children in hospital, storing food, snacks or treats; refrigerated storage for patients returning from days out when the main hospital kitchen has closed. Ready meals and drinks can be kept chilled, meals being regenerated in microwaves placed nearby.

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