Grab and go breakfast options


Ideal presentation and food display ideas for retail display and education caterers.

“Healthy eating and the move into plant-based eating is raising the game in terms of presentation,” says Gareth Newton, MD, BGL Rieber.

“Grab and go means flexibility, the ability to set up a display quickly and attractively wherever it is needed.

“Visual appeal is essential, but so is visible good hygiene along with a highly professional presentation.

“Portable, electric powered chafing dishes such as the Rieber K-Pot give caterers flexibility.

“Portable electric chafers can be used to smarten up an old-style hot counter, plug a gap in the servery, or near the till on a display table.

“No power is needed for cold versions of K-Pot which are chilled using eutectic plates.

“Hot versions can hold food for grab and go service, like hot bread rolls with plant-based bacon. But they can also be switched up to start cooking things like fried eggs or omelettes and pancakes.

“Wait a minute…pancake, fresh fruit, yoghurt. Don’t forget to offer a spoonful of sugar and a squeeze of lemon!”





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