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Front Cooking: There is a trend for prime cooking to be more flexible and mobile…hence the term Front Cooking.

University caterers, staff feeding caterers, event and street food specialists are using mobile, self-ventilating prime cooking equipment to create food stalls or service points as part of the mix of food service options.

Because they are mobile, with optional self-ventilation and fire suppression, front cooking stations can ‘pop’ up anywhere where there is a suitable electric supply. Or they can work alongside existing servery counters, catering to wherever there is a crowd.

Stadia and event caterers especially make use of Rieber’s Varithek ACS double or treble cooking module system – induction wok, induction hob, griddle, fryer/pasta cooker – to cater under canvas or within large stadia.

The mobility of the equipment and the ability to bring several front cooking stations together within a few minutes can transform an empty tent or event space into a large kitchen capable of feeding hundreds.

Varithek ACS front cooking system at Silverstone. Fitted with induction hobs for flat GN 1/1 pan and fry pan, this model helps serve up breakfast and lunch to race fans in a tented complex.

In the days after the race, it has also been used to feed teams working in the garages at Silverstone for tyre testing.

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