Rieber META cooking: new logo and slogan for German catering manufacturing giant

New Slogan: ‘We connect people, food, and our kitchen systems’


Rieber’s new logo and slogan highlights a change of focus for one of the giants of European catering manufacturing.

The food process is now more about saving energy, sustainability, and efficiency, which is what Rieber product solutions and technology are designed to deliver.

The new emphasis is on digital added values; Rieber is a champion of  paperless HACCP documentation, traceable & reusable food delivery systems and connectable, user-safe products.

Max Maier | CEO CHECK CLOUD says: “The key to the digital world for our hardware is the QR code and sensors that connect our products to the internet and network elementary information to enable better food quality and process organisation.”

To illustrate how Rieber products have evolved to meet new challenges, we use the example of Rieber eatTAINABLE.


eatTAINABLE is a Re-usable, sustainable, take-away food container.

eatTAINABLE is a digitally organised system that re-uses food safe stainless steel Gastronorm containers for take-away or delivery, in single portions or in bulk.

Digital added value identifies the food, the date and time and the customer, which means containers could be deposit-free.

Using a combination of smart phone and Rieber’s QR code labels, stainless steel GN containers and non-spill lids, the eatTAINABLE digital multi-cycle system is easy to use and provides a traceable transport service for all types of caterer.

Hospitals, restaurants, contract caterers, pubs and cafes can all make good use of the new Rieber eatTAINABLE system which can tell the caterer what food has been ordered, who the customer is and where the container has gone, and when.

For retail caterers, eatTAINABLE is an ideal way to professionally boost sales with home delivery and food to take out.

For hospital, education and care caterers serving bulk or individual meals, this innovative technology helps ensure GN containers no longer get lost or mislaid and it also lays the framework for ‘track and trace’ food waste, which can identify precisely how much food is returned uneaten.

Rieber GN containers are available in different sizes, depths and versions depending on the type of food and number of meals, from small single portion boxes to large catering containers – the right multi-cycle solution for any application.



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