The 60% space-saving kitchen pan!

German Gastronorm pan manufacturer Rieber has announced the UK and European launch of the GNauto—GN pans, which are for automatic loading and unloading by robots. These pans also save space in kitchens, where every inch is critical.

Using Rieber GNauto pans instead of conventional pans can save up to 60% of storage space in production kitchens, food manufacturers, airlines, cruise liners, yachts, and restaurants.

GNauto pans will not stick together when they need to be destacked by robots or chefs. This makes them ideal for a new generation of kitchens where food is deposited automatically into GN pans for cooking, chilling, or freezing.

“The space savings with the new GNauto pans makes them an exciting proposition for many types of caterer,” says BGL Rieber MD Gareth Newton.

“Saving up to 60% space compared with conventional pans is gold dust for designers of food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, airlines, yachts, and ships. The ability to destack pans without sticking is a game-changer for automated kitchens because it ensures seamless food manufacturing.”

GNauto pans can be used with Rieber’s range of lids, including non-spill lids, and are initially available in 4 different GN sizes:

  • GN 1/2 in 55- or 65-mm depth
  • GN 1/3 in 55- or 65-mm depth


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