GN Operating System

Rieber is the world's largest manufacturer of GN pans.

Rieber invented the GN Operating System to maximise efficiency and make the best use of space during cooking, transporting and storage.


The GN Operating System maximises efficiency and makes the best use of space

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eatTAINABLE reusable GN operating system. A combination of smart phone and Rieber’s QR code labels, stainless steel GN containers and non-spill lids, the eatTAINABLE digital multi-cycle system is easy to use and provides a traceable transport service for all types of caterer.

Thermoplates, made from unique SWISS-PLY multi-layer material for even heat retention. Ideal for food storage and cooking, frying, grilling, boiling, steaming, as well as cold holding and serving, Thermoplates are tough and stylish.

GN containers in stainless steel; with or without handles, enamel containers, perforated containers, polycarbonate containers…and don’t forget we make stainless steel grid shelves.

Anti-spill GN lids Rieber makes anti-spill lids; vacuum seal lids; flat stacking lids; lids with handles; hinged lids; lids with cutouts; dispenser lids and polycarbonate lids.

NEW GN-ONE stacking lug, an embossed stacking lug on corners means pans no longer get stuck!


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