Rieber relaunches the GN pan with a “no nestle” stacking lug to stop pans clinging together

gn pan with stacking lug prevents pans nestling togetherAnyone who has worked in or watched workplace, education or institutional kitchens in action knows that a stack of GN pans of the same size will get stuck together.

After washing and scrubbing, the pans are usually stacked together to dry; but as the metal cools, it shrinks just enough to grab firmly the pan underneath.

The result is a stack of pans that takes a strong pull to separate!

But no more.

Rieber is the world’s leading maker of GN pans and the ‘sticky-pan’ has long been an issue. Rieber’s answer is the GN-ONE stacking lug, an embossed stacking lug fitted to each corner, which means the pans can no longer nestle together and can’t get stuck!

Rieber is a driving force behind consistent improvement and innovations in the catering sector.

The company has also re-invented the lids that fit GN pans…inventing the Vaculid – for vacuum sealing GN pans and launching Rieber Anti-Spill GN pan lids, featuring a highly durable silicone rubber seal.

Rieber Anti-Spill GN pan lids are the ideal partner for its GN pans and Thermoport mobile food transport containers, ensuring pans don’t spill and the end customer gets the hot meal they deserve.