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Feeding around 16 meals per box, the Thermoport 50 can take a variety of inserts from the full 1/1GN to ½, 1/3, ¼ or even a mix of 2/3 GN and 3 x 1/9 GN – whatever it takes to suit the menu.


Click here for more on Thermoport 50 and the complete range of Rieber food transport equipment including the new “Midi K” (see left hand tabs for Plastic and Stainless Steel Thermoports)

Transporting meals is never going to be a good as cooking fresh and serving straight from the kitchen. But transport using Rieber Thermoport containers and boxes does offer a cost-effective, hygienic solution where operating a kitchen on site is not possible.

Meals can be delivered hot and will be as good as the ingredients you put in. To make sure everything is in place for the September 2014 start, please contact us now so we can assist where necessary.

Pictured: BGL Rieber’s Lee Cogger working with caterers in Tower Hamlets, London.
Pictured: BGL Rieber’s Lee Cogger working with caterers in Tower Hamlets, London.

Not quite sure which product is right for you? Our staff have the right knowledge and experience to help you source the right solution for your business. We are always happy to discuss requirements on the phone, by email or face to face.

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BGL Rieber is here to help.

Wherever food and beverages have to be transported safely, BGL Rieber has the right solution, tried and tested to make sure it works!

Rieber’s team of dedicated regionally-based staff each have many years’ experience and expertise in food transport issues, from training staff and helping choose the right size and type of container, to the provision of meal delivery systems for everything from satellite kitchens to draughty classrooms down long corridors or at the wrong end of a bumpy and rough footpath.

We are proud to offer our expertise in food transportation and you can depend on us for the right answers. But this is only part of the service we provide. BGL Rieber supplies much more than food transport solutions to schools caterers, please Contact us to find out more


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