All you can heat buffet features Varithek

varithek grange hotelLondon’s newest eco-friendly luxury hotel – the Grange Tower Bridge – features a gorgeous buffet system including Rieber’s Varithek front of house cooking system.

Sister hotel, the Langham Grange, features the ACS (self-ventilating) version of the Varithek.

Both units were selected and installed by General Catering Solutions Amjad Alikhan, who explained that the Varithek front facing cooking units promote good communication between the chefs and customers.

“The ACS self-ventilating version of the Varithek was installed at the Langham Grange in an area with a low ceiling,” he says. “Caterers expect to see a canopy over cooking equipment, but that would have taken away from the aesthetics. When I explained that ACS Varithek is self-ventilating and does not need a canopy, they said, ‘Wow, that’s better!’

“The Rieber Varithek is good, durable equipment and the service from the company is great.”

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